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    51 | | Skype: feco_45

    Our Team

    Our team is small but dedicated. All our staff members have 10+ years work experience in the webcam industry and fully committed to help You succeed.

    Priority Support

    As a preferred Model, You are entitled to our priority support. Reach us directly on Skype, email or phone. We will resolve any issues ASAP and answer Your questions

    Featured Listing

    We ensure that You are listed on the front page. We also have special tags to attract more members in your room, like the Recommended or Newtags. More traffic means more private shows.

    Honest Business

    Our business model is honest, simple and sustainable. We pay a commission of 50%, with an additional 20% after referred members.


    We take business and our business partners seriously. We offer a competitive commission and great features. Here is a list of some of key benefits we offer

    - $300 Signup Bonus for each and every performer account. The Performer must reach $1000 in payout to be eligible for the bonus

    - Get paid for your online time! Based on a special agreement, we are paying a fixed amount for every hour spent online in free chat. Contact us for more details!

    - We reward Models with Gift credits from time to time. These credits can be given to active members, who can then spend it on private shows with You.

    - Earn up to 70% with us. Your base commission is 50%, referring members will grant you an additional 20%(lifetime). Our business model is honest, simple and sustainable. Find more information at Performer share system, Member and Performer referral page

    - We can help boosting your social media presence. You can display your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram page or blog on Your profile page.

    - Get priority support through the channel of your choice. We can handle all types of messaging platforms (Skype, Hangouts) email or phone.

    - Our Model Awards and contests are a great way to keep You motivated and to earn more money with us. More information: Model Awards, Performer Contests

    - Our loyalty bonus rewards Models with $1000. You must earn $2000 USD in 6 consecutive months to be eligible for the bonus. We value loyalty! Read more about this program at Performer Loyalty Program

    We are looking forward working with you! Contact us for more details!

    Contact us at any of the following forms:

    - email:
    - skype: feco_45
    - Twitter:

    Click here to sign up as a Performer

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    We invite you to join our latest and last contests of the year!

    Four Weeks of Christmas - Play and win

    HoHoHoHooooo! Christmas time is soon to come and we would like to invite You to our final contest of the year. To get into the festive mood, we have made a special contest for December, where we offer 4 different contest types. The stakes are high, we are giving away $2000 this month!

    The contests start on 1st December and end on 29th December. Feel free to participate in all the contests or choose the one you like best!

    Seductive Santa Girl - Photo contest - 1-7 December

    Upload photos of yourself dressed in erotic, funny, cute or creative costumes and outfits. You can be Santa(girl), an Elf, a snowman or even Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Member votes are credits, the first 5 top voted models get cash prizes!

    Get Likes Contest - Earnings+Likes - 8-14 December

    In this contest, scores based on earnings and ‘Likes’ from members are calculated. 5 lucky models will win a total of $500 prize!

    Advent Calendar - Private contest - 15-22 December

    Collect points based on private earnings and ‘Likes’ from members and win the main prize of $50 or the second prize of $25 every day! $600 is up for grabs!

    Farewell 2017 - 23-29 December

    Our last contest of the year 2017, your last chance to win before the year ends! Based on our magic formula, models collect points and the 5 top models will get one of the total prize of $500!

    SantaClaus will visit SoulCams in December and wlll give virtual gifts for models (only the good ones throughout the month. To get your present from him, you have to be online and smile

    Members will also receive bonus credits from Santa in December!

    You will find more information on the contests in the Performer Area.

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    New Member Contest on SoulCams! 28 Nov - 31 Dec
    $300 / new member + $1000 prize for top referrers

    Convert free users into customer or invite members to us and get a bonus for each and every member you refer! During our promotion, between 28 November and 31 December You can earn an extra $300 on new members! That is s a unique offer, only available at!

    If the referred member purchases at least:

    - 26 credits, you will get $50 bonus
    - 150 credits, you will get an additional $50 bonus ($100)
    - 300 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($150)
    - 500 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($200)
    - 700 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($250)
    - 900 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($300)

    To sum it up: if the new member makes a purchase of 900 credits (or more) in total, you will get $300 bonus!

    NOTE: Members can still make the minimum purchase 14 days after the end of the contest (until 14 January, 2018)

    TIP: You will also get a +20% lifetime commission of the spending of your referred members!

    And if it is not enough, the top 5 performers whose referred members spend the most during the contest period will win one of the cash prizes of the total $1000! The first rank will win an amazing $500! Note: you gain contest points even if the referred member spends credits in other rooms.

    1. $500
    2. 300
    3. 100
    4. 60
    5. 40

    For the full details of the promotion as well as further rules, conditions please check out your performer area.

    SoulCams Team

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    Welcome to 2018, let's start the year together!

    Take off to a Happy New Year with us!

    Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lot of joy this holiday and took some time away from the screen For those who feel a little more active and motivated, we have come up with a new contest.

    The first contest of 2018 is about collecting points based on earnings (private, voyeur and tips), your online time, and likes & followers. For a detailed explanation on points and rules please log in and read our article in the News section.

    The contest starts on 7 January and will end on 18 January. (All times and dates are in CET!) The total cash prize is $800, which will be shared between the 7 winners.

    If you have any questions, contact us!

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    New features and changes to Model Awards

    Dear Models and Studios,

    2018 will be a busy year for us and our team is working hard to make SoulCams better and stronger every day! This includes some of these changes and features:

    Model Awards

    Many of you have asked for a revised and updated Model Awards.
    The goal was to make the Awards available for more Models and to motivate new hosts. The new Model Awards will run every week (From Sunday to Saturday).
    The total prize will be the same as now, 1700 USD per each month.

    There are 6 places, with 6 cash prizes to win:


    The winners will not participate in next week’s Awards. This allows other models to get a chance and make the whole Model Awards fair and balanced. So winners of week 1 will not compete in week 2, but will play again in week 3 and so on.
    The requirements and point calculation will remain the same. You can read mopre about the model awards here: SoulCams Model Awards

    Promo Credits

    Last year we started distributing Promotional credits (Promo credits) to our members. That was a huge success and we want to continue this year too!
    The use of these credits will now be extended to tips (35%) and photo contest votes (50%) too, on top of private shows and voyeur sessions.
    To see which members have promo credits, just go to the member’s profile page. You can do this directly from the sender application, by right-clicking on the username and choosing the Profile page option. You may also search by username in the Performers Area, going to the My Network / Members menu option. A scale from 1 to 5 will show, how much of these credits the member has.

    Privacy Features

    Privacy is important for all of us, that is why we take extra measure to provide privacy features not found on other webcam sites. Our new addition to these features is the ability to ban certain members from your chat room. You get full control over who can see you online and who can start a private session with you. You can find more information on these settings on our wiki page

    These changes and features are already in effect. Let us know your thoughts, share your opinion with us on these changes.

    The SoulCams Team

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    Daily cash prizes and $300 member bonus [


    Starting from 20 January, we start a new contest, where 2 lucky models will win $50 and $25 every day, until 31 January. That makes it to a total of $900 in cash prizes!
    To win any of the prizes, you will automatically collect points based on private session earnings (standard and 1on1) and online time (with a lower value).


    Also from 20 January, we offer an insane $300 bonus for new members you refer! Just copy your unique link code, and invite new users to SoulCams. Members must sign up and purchase until 28 February.

    NOTE: Members you already referred, but have not made a purchase yet, are also included in this offer.

    Benefits of referring new members to SoulCams:

    * New members now get 20 promo credits on signup
    * You will get an extra +20% revenue on referred members lifetime
    * You get an extra bonus, up to $300
    * Models with the most referrals will win extra cash prizes!

    If the referred member purchases at least:

    - 26 credits, you will get $50 bonus
    - 150 credits, you will get an additional $50 bonus ($100)
    - 300 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($150)
    - 500 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($200)
    - 700 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($250)
    - 900 credits, you will get an extra $50 bonus ($300)

    On top of the new member bonus, the first 5 models with the most referrals will win extra cash prizes of $1000!

    1st place: $500
    2nd place: $300
    3rd place: $100
    4th place: $60
    5th place: $40

    Get ready for winning!

    SoulCams Team

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    Join the Camtastic League and win fantastic cash prizes

    Want to be part of our Camtastic League and win? Good, because we set everything up for our new contest, where 10 lucky models will win fantastic cash prizes. This time we’ll raise the bar and put $5000 on the table, with the first prize being $1500!

    1st place: $1500
    2nd place: $1000
    3rd place: $800

    4th place: $600
    5th place: $400
    6th place: $300
    7th place: $200
    8th place: $100
    9th place: $50
    10th place: $50

    The contest will start on 1st February and will run until 1st March.


    Between 1 - 12 February, you can upload your best Carnival-themed photos. Be creative, show your funny or weird side and of course, erotic pictures are also welcome! Members can vote on your photos, each vote is 1 credit and you get 50% of the votes you collect!

    You can start uploading the images to the My Images/Contests/Carnival folder from 29 January. Photo votes will be included in the Camtastic League contest, so we highly recommend uploading as many photos, as you can. There will be no extra prize for the photo contest.

    You can find more information about the contest in the Performer Area.


    Just a quick reminder: we are still offering up to 300 USD for referring new members to SoulCams! Models referring the highest number of new members, will also receive special cash prizes worth 1000 USD!
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    Crowns and diamonds are a girl's best friends! Join our newest contest, collect Crowns and win the grand prize

    Daily cash prizes and a royal grand prize

    Join our newest contest to win cash prizes every day, collect crowns and win the grand prize of $1000! The total prize amount is $2625!
    The contest starts on 6 March and will run for 15 days, ending on 20 March.

    • 1st place: 3 Crowns (3 points) and $20

    • 2nd place: 2 Crowns (2 points) and $15

    • 3rd place: 1 Crown (1 point) and $10

    • 4th place: $5 (no points)

    • 5th place: $5 (no points)

    Every model has the chance to win every day. The total amount of daily cash prize during the contest is $825.
    Daily winners will be announced in the Performers Area. Every day, the winner of the previous day will get her profile picture displayed on the front page of SoulCams.

    As the contest unfolds, models will gather more and more Crowns, each day. At the end of the contest, 3 models with the most Crowns will win one of the grand prizes!

    1st place: $1000
    2nd place: $500
    3rd place: $300

    You can also collect Crowns by getting Diamonds from members. Diamonds can be found on your profile page, under the chat box and you need to collect 30 Diamonds within 24 hours to get an additional Crown.
    NOTE: You can only collect 1 Crown in 24 hours this way. Active members (with an approved transaction within 30 days) may give a Diamond every 6 hours.

    For example: if you win the daily contest, you’ll get 3 Crowns, which means 3 points. If you also collect the 30 Diamonds from members, you’ll get an additional Crown. At the end of the day, you have 4 Crowns, which is 4 points for you.)

    You can find more information about the contest in the Performer Area.

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    New member bonus on SoulCams - Constant offer!

    We offer new member bonus as a regular feature on SoulCams.
    Starting from 12 March, 2018 you can refer as many members as you can and get an incredible bonus of up to $300!

    If the member buys altogether 100 SoulCams credits, you will get a new member bonus of $50. If the member buys 200 SoulCams credits more (a total of 300 credits) you get an additional $50 bonus and so on.

    Basic facts about Member referral

    - You get +20 % lifetime share after each new member you refer to (this is a fix 70% share). This is a constant offer so feel free to invite new members whenever you wish and enjoy earning more money with them via private shows, voyeur or tips/virtual gifts.
    - We created a menu in your performer account with name 'Referrals / Referred members' where you can see a list of those users who used your own referral link to sign up or added your performer username to the 'Referred by' section during the member account signup procedure.


    - The new member has to sign up using your own referral link. Find your own referral URL in your performer account on the very first page in the 'Referrals' box. Alternatively you can ask the member to fill in the 'Referred by' field with your performer username during the member signup.
    - The member has to be new on the site (the member did not make any transactions before on any accounts)

    How to invite members?

    - If you have a personal website or blog, place your own referral link there. Find your own referral link in your performer account on the very first page.
    - Use social media like Twitter for attracting visitors to your room. Ask them to sign up using your own referral link

    Why is it better to have your member base on SoulCams?

    There are a lot of reasons why it is better to have your member base on SoulCams. Check them out here: Why to have your member base on

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    Winning our Model Awards is an uplifting feeling. It runs every week, and Models can win precious cash prizes. Then we thought, why not make an additional Award, where Models can win every day? Our new Daily Award brings daily cash prizes to one lucky Model, every day!
    Models winning the Daily Award will automatically get the Model of the Day badge together with the $100 cash prize!

    Our weekly Model Awards stays as it is, with a weekly chance of winning.
    The new Daily Awards starts as of 30 March, 2018.

    The winner of the Daily Award is excluded from next day’s Award. This rule is vital to provide equal chances to all Models and to keep the Daily Award as a motivating feature.



    As a quick reminder, we would also like to call your attention to our Member Referral bonus (New Member Bonus). As from 12 March, member referral bonus is available without time restrictions. It’s a great chance to earn extra money, as we pay up to $300 for every new member you refer and an extra 20% commission.


    April Fools' Day: April Fools' day is coming soon. We extend our virtual gifts with some funny ones 31 March - 2 April. Come and check them out!
    Easter: We'll be celebrating Easter very soon. We put out some nice Easter-themed virtual gifts. They will be out 31 March-10 April. Enjoy!


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